5 Incredible Benefits of Your Career in Construction

5 Incredible Benefits of Your Career in Construction



March 07, 2020


There’s a myth out there that careers in construction aren’t as rewarding as other fields. At Build Your Future AZ, we are in the business of busting construction myths!


If you’ve dreamed of a career in construction, you can hold your head up high knowing that your chosen career field has LIMITLESS benefits. We’ve listed our favorite five here.

Careers in construction are more affordable than a four-year degree.

The average cost of a four-year degree in the United States is $127,000. At a price like that, it’s no wonder student debt is such a problem! The average college graduate in Arizona walks away with $23,913 in debt, and that’s on the low end of the national average.

Trade school costs, on average, $33,000. If you wished to go the trade school route, you would save $94,000 over getting a four-year degree. If $33,000 is still out of the question, don’t worry! You can enter your career in construction through an on-the-job apprenticeship program and earn while you learn!

Trade professions are HIGH SALARY.

You’ve probably heard the myth that you have to get a degree in order to earn a living. That’s just not true! In Arizona, the average craft professional earns $4,809 more per year than recent college graduates. You can browse careers by salary here.

Jobs in construction are secure.

It’s worth repeating: Arizona’s construction workforce is retiring, and there is a shortage of workers to fill their shoes. By 2022, there will be 155,000 open jobs in the trade professions. You can rest assured you will always have a job in this high-demand industry.

Workers enjoy a positive team environment.

Our industry partners pride themselves on their company cultures.  Work sites are team oriented. There is always someone willing to help you reach the next level.

“The thing I like most about my job is the people I work with.” –Megan, welder.

There is always room to grow.

If you start your career as an apprentice at a company, you can quickly move up the ladder. Ask Irvyn, an electrician we interviewed who rapidly advanced in his company after graduating his apprenticeship program. Irvyn now earns a salary as an estimator. Next, he hopes to become a construction manager!


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