Build More Than a Career

Build More Than a Career



November 16, 2020

About half of employed Americans say they get a sense of identity from their job. This means that the other half of people see their jobs as nothing more than a paycheck.


Are You Looking for Duty or Destiny?

For many careers, the process of finding personal meaning in your career isn’t always instant. How many orthodontists do you think were born to drill teeth and wire up braces? Even your favorite teacher may not have been an A+ student when they were your age. Some careers take a little digging to find a level of profound connection.


Some jobs do feel like destiny. Athletes, actors, engineers, astronauts… These professionals will show you pictures of themselves as babies and say, “even then, I knew I would be lifting the Lombardi trophy someday.” Construction is one of those careers. There is a deep satisfaction that comes with swinging a hammer, using technology to render future building plans, or building something that will leave a legacy for generations to come. Skilled craft professionals are building more than a career. They are building a community.


Building a Moment

It may sound like a cliché, but when you’re building a house, you aren’t just putting up walls and insulation. You’re creating a venue for the moments that create a family. Commercial buildings aren’t just skyscrapers; inside could be the hallways where doctors scurry to help the injured and sick. Infrastructure is more than just getting us from point A to point B; it helps protect us from flooding and transport necessities to our homes. What you build matters in the skilled crafts. A career in the skilled trades means a brighter future for the communities you work in and the people who have chosen to live there.


Building Relationships

Whether you’re designing a home, an office, or laying the groundwork for a new highway, construction is a career built on relationships. For example, as an apprentice, you’ll learn the trade from a seasoned professional. You’ll build on those skills throughout your career, working with people in every field. Be generous with the skills you learn and share them with people who were once in your position.


No matter the skilled craft, collaboration is an essential skill. As you build relationships with fellow builders, clients, and in the community, you’ll quickly learn that you are part of a massive network of professionals who rely on each other. Each stage of a project depends on the work of multiple teams in order to advance. Because of these interdependencies, there is an overall sense of community within the industry and the commitment that is taken on when you enter the skilled crafts: Leaving a legacy for future generations.


Build Your Future

If you are motivated by a sense of community and building relationships, a career in construction will feel like destiny. Start a career that is founded on generosity and purpose and you will find pride in what you create.