Job Seeker Profile – How do you use the job seeker profile to your advantage?

Job Seeker Profile – How do you use the job seeker profile to your advantage?



February 26, 2021

Are you a current job seeker who is looking for a position in the construction industry? If you’re ready to take the leap into the job pool, it’s time for you to check out for all of the latest construction job postings from our investors around the valley.

You can also browse jobs by featured employers, check out the most up to date featured jobs, browse positions by category, and create a job seeker profile to help get you in front of a potential future employers’ eyes!

Step 1: Let’s take the first step together and get set up with a job seeker profile!

Fill out the form and sign up with your email to complete the first step! You’ll be sent an email to verify your account.

Wondering why it’s asking about transportation and drivers’ licenses? These are important questions to potential employers because they want to know that you will be able to reliably travel to job sites in and around the valley to fill demand.

Once logged in, you will be prompted to share your work experience or upload your resume (if you have it ready), or you can import your LinkedIn profile (if you have one). If you don’t have a resume or an updated LinkedIn profile, move forward to start building your profile by clicking the “Build My Profile” button.

Step 2: Let’s get personal!

It’s time to fill out some more information about you:

  • Where you are located
  • Upload a headshot of yourself
  • Add in a short bio about yourself(If you aren’t sure what to write here, check out how to write an Elevator pitch.)

Step 3: Skills

It’s time to start adding the skills you would like to highlight for potential employers. This can range from hard skills or soft skills, as well as any on-the-job training that you have received or anything that would help employers determine whether you would be a good fit for their company.

Step 4: Education and Training

Follow along with the prompts on screen and provide your education and training that you have completed thus far. Don’t worry if this area feels empty if you are just starting out in the construction field. Just be sure to include your high school education or equivalent diploma and then you can always come back to build upon that education as you grow and develop in the industry.

Step 5: Experience

Now it’s time to include your experience! If you have prior construction experience, please include all of that information here. If you do not happen to have any prior construction experience, be sure to include your job history up to four years back from the current date. You will want to include any and all positions that you have had so that potential employers can get a good gauge on your experience and how that can translate for the construction industry.

After you complete all of these steps, you will be taken to your job dashboard where you can take a quick tour of the notifications and resources available to you in the job seeker profile dashboard.

It includes:

Profile completeness – This bar indicates how complete your profile is. A complete profile will help employers find you and will make it easier for you to use the Tracklet to automatically fill in job application forms. Do your best to get this to 100% for profile completeness. That makes your resume and profile more likely to be seen by a future employer!

Job Search – You can search for a job directly from your dashboard.

Overview of the Profile Page and Settings Updates: This is your online resume. It is viewable by potential employers and recruiters. It includes your bio, snapshot and quick list of past experiences, education and achievements that highlight who you are and what you can bring to the table.

The Resume: The job board allows you to use the system generated resume build or upload your own.

The Tools: Here you are able to go over messages received in your inbox, how to generate a message, and check out job alerts.

If you have any questions regarding your profile, please be sure to reach out to We will be sure to help out with any potential questions you have about the career center!