Construct Your Career as a Craft Professional

Construct Your Career as a Craft Professional



October 22, 2019

High Legacy


Generations of skilled tradespeople built Arizona from the ground up, and their legacies are left behind everywhere you look. When you are secure in your home, driving on the highway, flying in an airplane, or admiring a monument, you have a craft professional to thank. Without the historic work of skilled tradespeople, the West Valley would still be an empty desert: a far cry from the busy metropolis it is today.


High Demand


Nearly ten thousand craft professional jobs stand empty in Maricopa County right now. By 2022, there will be over 155,000 vacant positions in Arizona’s construction industry. Nationwide, that number is in the millions. What will Arizona’s future look like if no one steps in to fill those shoes?


High Potential


Fortunately, the Phoenix area is growing at an unprecedented rate. With more and more young people graduating from area high schools and entering the work force, there are plenty of skilled, talented individuals to build Arizona’s future. YOU are part of this demographic.


Use these resources to start building YOUR career in the skilled trades.

  • Explore the possibilities here. There is something for everyone in the construction industry.
  • Once you have an idea of the role you’d like to play, search job openings in your area
  • Plan your course of action. Find a training program.


Still have questions about how to start your career? Reach out through our “Contact Us” page for help finding the right resources for you! Or connect with us on social media.