Finding the Right Training Program to Match Your Goals

Finding the Right Training Program to Match Your Goals



May 22, 2020


We live in a new age of unique and unprecedented obstacles that have challenged how many industries address problems they face. While we may not know how to perfectly predict the future, we can all adapt to these times and prepare ourselves for the new world we all call home. Learn how you can find a training program that will match your career goals while at home.

1. Spend a Day (or Two) Compiling Your Initial Goals

Before beginning the hunt for a training program, you’ll need to take the time to sit down and create a list of exactly what you’re looking for. While creating this list, think of what your dream job would be. Ask yourself questions like, “What would the perfect manager be for my personality?” “How soon do I want to complete a program and get to work?” “Do I need a training program supported by an employer or third-party?” This will help you get all of those racing thoughts out of your head and down on paper, letting you truly process what you’re thinking. Once you get your initial thoughts down, group similar objectives together, narrow the list down to “must have” versus “would be nice, but not needed.” Then, create your final list of goals. Now you’re ready for step two!

2. Research Career Paths

Once you have your list of goals together, you’re ready to research occupations that you are interested in. There are a few items you should look into when looking at career paths, including typical duties and responsibilities, requirements and characteristics of people working in that field and similar jobs or occupations. Now’s a great time to pull out that list you created and use it to match your “must have” career goals to a career that fits them. You can map out what a career in construction may look like on Build Your Future Arizona’s interactive Career Path Hub. Afterwards, check out our Trading Cards to explore descriptions, education opportunities, qualifications and salaries of dozens of unique careers in construction.

3. Shadow a Colleague

You have your goals together and a list of a few career paths you’re interested in – now what? It’s time to get connected! A great way to get a hands-on look at a profession is through shadowing. Job shadowing lets you learn while on-the-job and involves working with another professional with a job you’re interested in or similar to one you’re interested one. For one day, you can take a walk in their shoes (or construction boots, that is) to really see what it’s like to have a job that interests you. The best part? It’s not forever, but it also can be forever! If you don’t like a job you shadowed, you know that you can move forward and adjust your career goals and career paths to match. If you do like the job you shadowed, you know to continue to move forward in that direction.

4. Look for Mentorship Opportunities

While job shadowing may last just a day or so, mentorship opportunities can last a period of weeks or months and gives you a deeper glance at the life of a working professional. A mentor can help support your growth, give you career guidance, lets you build a professional leader and can give you useful feedback. You can connect with employers in Arizona and find mentorship opportunities in a career path that interests you by completing this short form.


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