There’s a Future for YOU in Construction. Here’s Why.

There’s a Future for YOU in Construction. Here’s Why.



January 07, 2020


If you’ve ever considered a career in construction, now is the time to follow that dream. The demand for trade professionals in our state has never been higher, and there is a job for YOU.

Why the high demand?


America saw a boom in infrastructure projects following World War II. This was partially due to peace and economic prosperity, but it also had to do with the large baby boomer population who had just entered the workforce.


Now, baby boomers are reaching the retirement age, and the trade professions are expected to be hit the hardest.


As more young people favor four-year universities, there is a nationwide shortage of workers with the technical skills required to enter the trade professions.


In Arizona alone, it is expected that more than 155,000 construction jobs will be vacant in 2022.

Filling their shoes


Wise career planners will look at the number 155,000 and get excited. That number represents 155,000 opportunities to build Arizona’s future as a skilled professional.


The benefits of this career move include:

  • Paid on-the-job training
  • Upward mobility
  • High pay ($4,809 more than a recent college grad)


In the next twenty-five years, Arizona is poised to spend tens of billions of dollars in infrastructure maintenance and modernization.


The number 155,000 is only expected to grow.


As the baby boomers leave the construction workforce, now is the time to think about pursuing a dream career in the trade professions.


Arizona’s future is coming either way. Will you build it?