What AZ’s Infrastructure Budget Means for You

What AZ’s Infrastructure Budget Means for You



November 12, 2019

High Demand Jobs

These past weeks, we have highlighted the high need for  trade professionals in Arizona. By 2022, there will be over 155,000 trade professional job openings in our state alone. Where are all these jobs coming from?


Infrastructure Spending

Our state is on the brink of an infrastructure boom! Arizona will spend nearly $300 million on infrastructure projects in the fiscal year 2020[i]. Here’s what you need to know.


Infrastructure Budget Fast Facts

Emily Richardson of Chamber Business News summarized these facts in her article, Infrastructure in the Arizona Budget. Read the full article here.

  • Total infrastructure budget: $283 million
  • $130 million to expand the I-17 northbound
  • $95.3 million dollars for transportation and road repairs
  • $3 million to equip rural areas with broadband internet
  • $700,000 to build a cold imports facility at the Port of Entry in Nogales.


Job Creation

The current infrastructure plan will open thousands of new jobs in the trade professions. Motivated individuals are urgently needed to step in and fill these roles. Under this new budget, there is a job for you.


Build Your Future Arizona is dedicated to connecting highly skilled individuals with opportunities in the trade professions. Why? Because YOU have the tools to build Arizona’s future.


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