Why It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Career

Why It’s Never Too Early to Plan Your Career



July 15, 2020


When you ask children what they want to be when they grow up, what do they say? Early career development starts from a young age, and often, is influenced by the people in a child’s young life. While some children may not have an answer for what they aspire to be, and some may change their minds time and time again, many will have answers strongly rooted in their interests.

Giving a child a sense of planning for their future from a young age gives them an advantage when it comes 
to career building, even if they may not be entering the workforce for another decade or more. By encouraging your child to discover fields that align with their interests—through hobbies, at-home projects, and schoolwork—you’re helping them fine-tune their skills and letting them learn, on their own, what they do and don’t like. It’s proven that early career development and planning leads to real results in the workplace. According to Youtern, research shows that people with career goals are more optimistic, resilient, focused, and effective.

So, how can you help your child start planning a career? Start by observing the activities they like to do, and encourage them to further explore these interests. Does your child like to run around outside and explore? Grab a magnifying glass, a notebook, and a pencil, and go on an “adventure” at your local playground or park collecting specimens and making art or books out of what you see. Does your child like to build things? Or take them apart? Challenge them to think about how things are made. And if they love video games, many online games exist for all age groups that challenge them to virtually construct everything from high-rise buildings to zoos to theme parks. In short, watch what excites and engrosses them, introduce activities and fun projects that leverage their interests, and watch where the exploration leads.

Help your child make and lay the groundwork for their years ahead. Build Your Future is committed to creating paths to success in the world of construction. It’s never too early to plan a career, and we’re here to help introduce children, teens, and young adults to rewarding careers in the skilled trades and construction. Parents and teachers, discover our free resources for helping your children and students find a successful career.