May 25, 2022
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5 Reasons Why Construction is One of the Most Inclusive Industries 

When people hear the term “construction worker,” a certain stereotype often comes to mind: the type of rough-and-tumble tradesman you might see in a movie or TV show. It’s easy for folks to assume that the construction industry isn’t diverse or inclusive, but nothing is further from the truth. In reality, construction is one of the most inclusive industries out there. Here are some big reasons why.


Reason #1: You don’t need experience to get hired

Everyone starts out somewhere. And in the skilled trades, your biggest strength is a willingness to learn. Many entry-level jobs in the skilled trades include a training component — it’s understood that you are there to learn carpentry, electrical work, etc.

In Arizona alone, there are more than 600,000 skilled trades positions that will need to be filled through 2024. The demand is truly enormous. That means every worker is wanted.


Reason #2: The gender pay gap is small

As we outlined in a previous blog about women in construction, the U.S. gender pay gap was women making roughly $0.82 for every dollar earned by men, according to a 2021 report by In the construction industry, by contrast, women make roughly $0.99 for every dollar earned by men.

Danielle Puente, the CFO of DP Electric, put it this way: “If someone has the desire, there’s lots of opportunity and companies that will want to invest, and specifically in women.”


Reason #3: There’s a trade for everyone

“The skilled trades” is a really, really broad term. A welder has a very different workday than a construction manager. And a pipefitter utilizes many different skills than a carpenter.

Whether you’re talented at physical labor or have a gift for computers, the construction industry will put your unique expertise to good use. After all, construction is all about building the world we live in, and that world is diverse. Whatever your talents, chances are there’s a skilled trade that fits it!


Reason #4: You can build a career path that’s tailored to you

Since the construction industry uses so many different types of people and skills, many can lead to success.

While that path can be hard to see when you’re starting, Build Your Future Arizona offers one-on-one meetings with a Career Consultant. They will help you map out possible paths that are suited to your skills, interests, and goals.


Reason #5: Companies are committing to sustainability

A big part of building our physical world also means thinking long-term: How are we making our communities safer, healthier, and more sustainable for future generations? Environmental sustainability is becoming a bigger priority across many of the skilled trades.

At Hensel Phelps, the organization is weaving sustainability practices into its respective missions, while McCarthy Building Companies is prioritizing net-zero energy buildings and will also utilize more than 600 employees for Arizona solar energy projects in 2022.


Resources for Your Success

However you decide to approach a career in the skilled trades, know that Build Your Future Arizona is here to help you succeed. You can find useful resources on our website — our Career Center has numerous new job openings, the Training Center Directory offers Arizona’s many skilled trades trainings under one roof, and a whole lot more.

Come discover what a construction career could look like for you! We’re excited to help you build it.


The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation‘s Construction Workforce Initiative, Build Your Future Arizona’s mission is to create a sustainable and skilled craft workforce by creating awareness about high-paying construction careers, training opportunities and mapping career paths to employment in these high-demand occupations.