September 9, 2022

Construction YouTubers and TikTokers Give the Industry a New Rep

Content creation isn’t just for stereotypical influencers, construction content creators are getting views by sharing inside looks at their life and their experiences on and off construction sites. Are you curious about what a job in construction looks like? Let these first-hand accounts show you.

Kienan Koga on Youtube 

Kienan Koga is a civil engineer based in Hawaii who breaks down engineering questions and provides tips and tricks based on his own experience. In addition to talking about what works, he candidly shares about mistakes he has made and what he wishes he had learned sooner. He covers topics from “construction, engineering, renovations, investing, real estate, and just life in Hawaii.

Construction Work Clips on TikTok 

@constructionworkclips 78” Diameter. 66’ Deep Drill Shaft. I was terrified standing close to the hole. Its way bigger in person. #civilengineering #engineering #engineer #engineers #civilengineer #civilengineeringstudent #engineeringlife #civilconstruction #civilwork #construction #constructionworker #constructionlife #constructionwork #constructiontips #contractor #contractorlife #contractortips #contractorsoftiktok #concrete #asphalt #myjob #worklife #myjobisbetterthanyours #mylife ♬ Hard Hat And A Hammer – Alan Jackson

The Construction Work Clips TikTok account lives up to its name, providing you with clips of heavy machinery and other slices of construction life. Their videos feature demolition, excavation, and many concrete pours. Every good build starts with a strong foundation and Construction Work Clips shows you how it’s done. 

Aaron Witt on Youtube 

Maybe better known as Built Witt – this channel is dedicated to making the dirt world a better place. Tune in for stories of real people doing the work that goes unnoticed, until you realize that it is literally the reason why we are able to live life the way we do, with roads, water, and technology. Enjoy his videos featuring heavy equipment hard at work. Bonus fun fact, Aaron Witt is a Sun Devil alum! 

Drywall Shorty on TikTok 

@drywallshorty This board is interesting! Makes spotting screws fun 😂 #drywall #foryou #satisfying ♬ original sound – Drywall Shorty

Even if you aren’t interested in drywall, you’ll have to agree that these videos are oddly satisfying. With ASMR sounds of mixing and scraping and videos of buttery smooth application, it’s easy to watch these videos for hours. In addition to providing captivating visuals,

Drywall Shorty gives tips for applying drywall and shows you jobs from start to finish.

RR Buildings on TikTok 

@constructiontips #tapemeasure ♬ original sound – Sam Irwin

RR Buildings is a custom post frame builder who posts videos just about every day, giving you regular insights into life on a construction site. He shows off his favorite tools and gives close-up tutorials as he works. If you want to learn about many different aspects of construction, this is the account for you.

Perkin Builder Brothers on YouTube 

Follow along with this duo as they work with their team to build homes. They post entire episodes that walk you through the process—and do it all with a sense of humor. Are you considering a career in construction yourself? Learn more about how to get started at 

The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation‘s Construction Workforce Initiative, Build Your Future Arizona’s mission is to create a sustainable and skilled craft workforce by creating awareness about high-paying construction careers, training opportunities and mapping career paths to employment in these high-demand occupations.