November 2, 2023

Honoring Heroes: Building Futures, Building America

As we approach Veterans Day, let us take a moment to shine a light on those who have transitioned from military service to a career in the construction field. Not only do they bring their discipline, dedication, and leadership skills to the construction industry, but they also have a deep sense of commitment to building a better community.

Transferable Skills in Action:

One of the most significant contributions veterans bring to the forefront of construction is their impressive range of skills. Discipline, adaptability, and a strong work ethic are invaluable in construction, and attention to detail, teamwork, and a commitment to safety are paramount.

Technical Expertise

Often, veterans possess technical skills that provide a solid foundation in construction trades. Whether it’s welding, electrical work, plumbing, or heavy machinery operation, they often receive comprehensive training during their service. Not only does this help accelerate their integration into the workforce, but it also enhances the quality and efficiency of construction projects.

Leadership and Teamwork:

In the military, veterans are often thrust into leadership roles, learning to make critical decisions under pressure and lead their teams to success. This leadership expertise translates seamlessly into supervisory positions within construction companies. Furthermore, veterans excel at fostering a culture of teamwork, an essential aspect of any construction project’s success.

Supporting Veterans’ Transition to Civilian Life:

Recognizing the potential of veterans in the construction field, numerous initiatives have emerged to provide them with the training and support they need. Apprenticeship programs, partnerships between construction companies, and educational outreach efforts are helping veterans find their path.

Below are just some of the resources available to our veterans:

Building Futures and Honoring Heroes:

One of the most critical roles of the Build Your Future Arizona Construction Workforce Initiative is acknowledging the potential of our community by creating awareness and providing resources. We aim to build a better tomorrow by providing veterans opportunities to flourish in this industry. Their hard hats aren’t just helmets; they’re symbols of hope, resilience, and the enduring spirit of our nation.

The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation’s Construction Workforce Initiative, Build Your Future Arizona’s mission is to create a sustainable and skilled craft workforce by creating awareness about high-paying construction careers, training opportunities and mapping career paths to employment in these high-demand occupations.