February 23, 2023

The Sky’s the Limit: Your Customized Career in Construction

Wouldn’t it be nice if starting your career was easy? If only you could select a career path and start working immediately without racking up student loan debt.

Good news! People are doing it every day, and so can you.

But first, you might have to update some of your assumptions about the construction industry. The construction industry is an undiscovered gold mine – it offers countless opportunities and can be extremely lucrative if you play your cards right.

Keep reading to learn how the sky truly is the limit when it comes to a career in construction.

You Can Create Your Own Career Path  

Many career paths are laid out before you even start, but in construction, you don’t have to be limited to one path. Most experience is learned on the job and many people in construction try out different things to find what suits them best. It’s a nice perk if you tend to get bored easily.

You Aren’t Limited Based on Previous Experience

No one likes reading through hundreds of job listings, only to realize that you don’t have the required experience to apply for the job. Luckily, construction operates a little differently. If you’re like most people, you’ll gain experience on the job so you really can start making money immediately.

You Can Make a Lucrative Salary

In many jobs, you hit a cap once you reach a certain point and you can’t progress further up the ladder. In construction, the sky is the limit. Even early in your career, you can still make a sustainable and lucrative living. Like many other jobs, you’ll earn more as you climb the ladder and the old stereotype that construction doesn’t pay well just isn’t true. On top of that, wages for construction jobs are on an upward trajectory, making now the perfect time to start. 

You Can Start Today

Many companies offer apprenticeships or rotational programs to give you hands-on experience in your field of choice. If you’re more of a bookworm, many colleges and trade schools offer degrees and certificates to give you an extra edge in your construction career. Put simply, there’s many different ways to start. With so many options, it can be overwhelming – but luckily, BYFAZ has career experts that can help you determine the best plan of action.

So why are we telling you this?

Like any other career, construction offers stability, fulfillment, and growth opportunities. If you’re looking for a lucrative, fulfilling career, know that a successful career path doesn’t have to pass through a cubicle. 

So don’t be afraid to take the leap into a career with limitless opportunities and start your construction journey today.  

The Greater Phoenix Chamber Foundation‘s Construction Workforce Initiative, Build Your Future Arizona’s mission is to create a sustainable and skilled craft workforce by creating awareness about high-paying construction careers, training opportunities and mapping career paths to employment in these high-demand occupations.